Water-based inks

We print with water-based inks, which is the most sustainable way of screen printing, the inks contain hardly any chemicals and solvents to give the best results.

Printing with water-based inks is more difficult, but the result is also a lot nicer and more natural than most other inks or printing techniques. The print sits nicely in the fabric, which provides a soft result and has a pleasant matte appearance.

Ordering process

Send us an example of your design and the number of items you'd like to have printed. Of course, we would love to think along with you!
We'll send you a selection of the textiles that we think best suits your idea. It is also possible to deliver clothing or fabric yourself, only if this is the case sustainable or reused is.
After agreeing to the quote, we start printing. You can pick it up from us or we'll send it to you!

Screen printing on location

Live screen printing is an interactive way to connect directly with your audience during festivals, openings, and other events.

With the help of our mobile installation, we can screen print on various products, such as shirts, sweaters and bags.

If you want to know more about this, feel free to contact us!